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Digital marketing tools are rapidly increasing in use and functionality. To assist in highlighting the diversity of good online marketing tools, this article provides an in depth list and the top 150 most influential digital marketing tools. The digital marketing tools that are featured in this article are divided into two main categories: Affiliate Marketing Tools and Internet Marketing Tools. These categories each have their own distinct place in the world of digital marketing tools. However, before getting too far into each tool’s place in the market, the essential core requirement for any digital marketing tool should be to make one’s website highly visible and accessible, which will lead to increased traffic and brand recognition

If you plan to do affiliate marketing, then the best place to start is with website analytics tools such as Kapost, Google Analytics, or Yahoo Site Explorer. These three platforms provide comprehensive reports on visitor behavior and give insights into what your website visitors are looking for. These tools can easily be used as part of your digital marketing tools suite. Depending on your level of competency and experience, you can either opt for a more specific and detailed report from your vendor or start with a more generic report and use the various parameters of your choice to tailor it to your own situation.

Google Analytics is by far one of the most popular analytics platform and for good reason. It covers virtually every channel on the web, which makes it very flexible and useful to a wide range of digital marketing tools. You can use it for research, tracking, performance management, direct reporting, segmentation and so much more. You can even import and export data from Google’s own website and several other websites to complement your report. Google Analytics also allows you to integrate it into your CRM software so you can get valuable insight from your CRM data.

Google’s web site composer is another useful digital marketing tools platform that you can use to complement your other campaigns. With its highly customizable interface, you can easily create columns and drop down menu options on the left side to get a quick snapshot of how customers are finding your site. You can also go deeper into your search results with the advanced search features, which allows you to drill down into specific keyword categories. This makes the tool a great complement to any other SEO tools as well as an important addition to your business SEO arsenal. Of course, like any good CRM tool, you can export your information and use it for your own purposes.

Another useful digital marketing tools platform is Microsoft’s Live Meeting. This video and audio platform comes pre-loaded with several business tools including Microsoft Word (for presentations), Excel (for data analysis and more advanced functions), PowerPoint (for sharing videos and documents), OneNote (for more specific notes), and SharePoint (for hosting your files and document sharing). If you’re on a tight budget, you can also use Bing’s search tool in conjunction with Live Meeting for free and get additional value from this platform as well. Live Meeting does require a Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC in order to work, but this is a small cost you can definitely live without.

Last but not least, Google’s analytics tools provide you with the most up-to-date insight on your website’s performance. Google Analytics is available in a number of different versions and provides you with more detailed information about your visitors than you could ever hope to get from any other digital marketing tools platform. Google Analytics also comes built-in with Google AdWords, so you don’t even need another ad traffic tool if you don’t want to. If you know your audience and know what kind of digital marketing tools and SEO you’re going for, Google Analytics will provide you with all the information you need to make decisions about your website’s online future.

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